Access to Top Tech Talent
Mitigate the Risks Involved in Direct Hire


Access Top Talents

Access Top Talents

Meet the brightest minds who are trained to excel the AI space; experienced to work in the real time projects with the fresh thoughts.

A Needed Exposure

A Needed Exposure

Introduce your company to the subsequent generation of skilled data scientists and get the opportunity to mentor and mould your future employees.

Save Cost; Save Time

Save Cost; Save Time

Our Fellows have been sourced, screened, and trained by the industries’ top data scientists, thereby reduces hiring time, cost and on-the-job training.

In Demand But On Demand

In Demand But On Demand

Have openings right now? Not hiring until next year? Our fellows are “in demand” however, the program graduates four cohorts of Fellows per year, so we’re here when you need us.

  1. How It Works

    We appreciate your company's engagement with GradValley Data Science. GradValley’s Fellowship program addresses the first problem businesses are facing; finding the best data science (Analytics or AI/ML) talent. Finding quality talent, specifically in a new and upcoming field and technology, is a tiring and time-intensive process for every organisation. Even if you find the right talent, the training and induction of the candidate for the job and role is an expensive affair, particularly for a startup or a small business. With this program you get access to the Fellows for three months so as to know and work with the Fellows at no cost, helping you make an informed decision on your new hire. You will need to pay the program fee only when you decide to hire the fellow. This program graduates four cohorts of Fellows per year, so we’re here when you need us.

  2. Company Participation

    You will need to complete our "Company Participation Form" to highlight your hiring needs. Our corporate relations team will get in touch with you within 48 hours to assess your request and confirm the participation.

  3. Match Your Fellow

    Companies obtain access to the "Fellows’ Portfolio" portal once they submit the participation form. Fellows’ portal would enable the companies to select the fellows according to the project and the role preferences.

  4. Engage Fellows as Interns

    Once you find your match, phone interviews are conducted with “matched” Fellows and in-person meetings are held either at the GradValley office or via video conference. Engage the Fellows as paid or unpaid interns.

  5. Commit to Hire

    Once the companies find their match or decide to participate in the recruitment drive of GradValley, they can fill and submit the legally non binding commit to hire document to actively interview the fellows with the intention of extending a full-time offer to fellow(s) identified as a good fit for your company. The company is under no obligation to hire a fellow by signing this document and there is no cost involved for the companies to work with Fellows during their internship period. The recruitment fee is due only when the Fellow(s) join the company after graduating from the Fellowship program.

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