Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science – these buzzwords are being often termed interchangeably. Are they really the same?

Data Science is about the science of collecting and returning information acquired from algorithms. It is a conjunction of at least four disciplines – Data preparation, Statistics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Simply put, teaching a machine based on statistical algorithms is Machine Learning.

Artificial Intelligence is about an intelligent machine capable of perceiving the environment, interacting with it, learning, analysing, using knowledge, and taking decisions. Machines inherently are not smart. To make them so, a lot of computing power and data is needed; enabling them to build algorithms and simulate human thinking. Data Science plays a vital role here by providing that Data. So, we can undisputedly say that Data Science is a vital part of Artificial Intelligence. But is the reverse true? Not really, because Data Science is not just about Machine Learning, it consists of mining the data, cleaning up, making sense out of it, visualizing, etc. There are areas of Data Science where scientists can get usable results from other methods. For a detailed learning, read the following article, where the author, Didier Gaultier explains the interchangeability of the buzz words – Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science and its usage.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science

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